How to Get a Reading

Only 3 Easy Steps to Get Your Reading


Talented Psychics

Choose one of our talented psychics below or go to our psychic listing page to see all of our talented readers.

When you see the reader that is right for you, click the ‘Call Now’ or ‘Get a Reading Now’ button to go to STEP 2.

Psychic Listing Page



I help with any situation as long as it’s authentic. I create a safe loving space for my callers.

Get a Reading With Andrea


Do you want answers in a grounded way? Guides Callers Lovingly Through Difficult Times

Get a Reading With Sarah


If you just can’t seem to find an answer or solution, let me help – I specialise in difficult situations!

Get a Reading With Christina

Just Top Up Your Account Like You Would a Mobile Phone

Minus the dreadful short-term expiration date and danger of losing your account if you don’t top up within some small window and on a specific date. Thank the Goddess!
At Anasa we like things to make things easy where possible.
  • Just log into your account (see that little window at the top of each page says sign in/sign up.)
  • After you log in, that little box fills up with useful info, like how much credit you have and how many reward points.
  • Just click on the words ‘top up’ to add more to your account and you will be led through a step by step process. Choose as much or as little as you want. 

Don’t have an account? Go to that same little box at the top of each page and instead of clicking sign in, choose SIGN UP.
You’ll be led through the sign up path so you can join our community.
Again we do our best to make it as easy as possible but like any online purchase we also are diligent about security and making sure your account and details are safe. So we ask you to do things like verify your phone number (via SMS or an automated phone call.) We may even ask you to do this twice. 
Not because we want to be a pain in the banoonies, but because we want to make sure that your hard earned money is spent only by you.
Also, you don’t need to buy anything when you create an account – set up your account now to get some freebies and offers that are only members of our community. And whenever you do decide to get a reading, you’ll have most of the work done and you’ll be halfway there!

Get Your Reading

Once you confirm who you want a reading with and for how long, sit back while our state of the art online system finds your reader and then rings you. Only then will our system ring you.

If there is a queue of people waiting to talk to your reader, you’ll see what the estimated wait time is so you can plan according.
Unlike the old days, you don’t have to ring over and over to try to get your favourite psychic on the phone – we do all the work for you!

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