Crystal Power Series – Rose Quartz

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    Today in our Crystal Power Series, we’re looking at the Rose Quartz Crystal.

    It’s a pretty stone, one of the mainstays of any crystal collection. It triggers happy, fuzzy, and peaceful feelings just looking at it and certainly while holding it! Why is this?


    This is a love stone and personally I connect it with the heart chakra even though that chakra is green. When you take the deep dark passion of red and lighten it up, you get … pink!

    So it’s about ‘lighter’ love, both in light-heartedness and also more of a spiritual universal love than the earthy red. Rose Quartz taps into universal love and compassion, gentleness and nurturing. It’s the energetically feminine qualities (which both men and women have) that are supported and nourished with this stone.

    What’s It’s Magic?

    This is a GREAT crystal for forgiveness. For letting go of the past. The Rose quartz crystal’s essence of innocent youthfulness also makes it perfect for lightness of body and mind, when you are feeling ‘heavy-hearted’ or when your body feels ‘heavy’

    Here are some delightful ways to use Rose Quartz:


    • Releasing the past

    • Easing grief

    • Healing a broken heart

    • Self- Love, Self-Love, Self-Love!! Wear it as a pendant to grow the seeds of self-love which is essential for any kind of love with others.

    • Once self-love is in place, you can use rose quartz to help guide you to your true romantic love

    • Connecting with your higher self and your inner child

    • Creativity

    Rose Quartz is one of my favourite crystals. It brings us straight to the vibration of ‘dreams do come true’ and as we all know: whatever you focus on, you attract!