Crystal Power Series – Black Tourmaline – The Psychic Shield

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    Today in our Crystal Power Series, we’re looking at the Black Tourmaline. It’s a serious looking stone, and that is because it is a crystal for protection and grounding.

    Usually black orso dark a blue as to look black, it is a foundational piece that I wish I could give to everyone!

    Why is this?

    The meaning of it is protection, purification, and grounding … black is a colour that absorbs all other colours, gobbles them up if you will, so they are then absent. It repels negativity and clears it from the most dangerous place of all – within ourselves.

    It can be become electrically charged simply by rubbing it or heating it and then one end becomes positive and the other negative, allowing it to repel or attract! It makes sense then why it helps create an excellent connection between Earth and Spirit and balances the energy centres of the body.

    What’s It’s Magic?

    Ancients believed it kept away evil while they did their magical journeying and today we use it as protection and as a psychic shield during energy work, meditation, and healing. It grounds us and it protects us and even helps us to scry, to see what is hidden in order to use it for our own safety.

    Here are some powerful uses for Black Tourmaline!

    • Protection from energy vampires
    • Protection from those wishing you harm
    • To let go of anxiety, self-doubt or negativity and feel confident instead
    • Repelling negative energy entities
    • Balancing your chakras for healing and wellbeing
    • Relieve stress and exhaustion
    • Scrying to see hidden dangers
    • Grounding, esp if you feel flighty, indecisive, frightened
    • Did I mention PROTECTION? 🙂

    I like to put one underneath my pillow at night or next to me, to both cleanse me of the days energetic debris and protect me during my active dreamwalking (if you dream a lot, think about doing this!) Like I said, I wish I could give one of these to everyone who has ever had any anxiety or doubt, or who wants to protect their well being.

    As I’m not the Crystal Santa , I hope you can get one yourself and use it as needed!