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“I was really stuck in a dating situation, we had started on a high but then we fizzled. I thought it was over and was ready to do something silly. I called Sarah who did a reading and advised me on exactly the next step to take and things have taken off again!.”

Damian – Southampton

““What can I say? After one magical phone call with Christina and doing what she instructed me to do, the problems with my ex cleared up. He even apologised for how he’s hurt me which has helped me move on like never before. I finally have some peace!””

Jo Wagner – Hammersmith


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Start at our psychic listing page. There you’ll find readers who specialise in tarot. Others work with a pendulum. Some of them get answers through pure intuition. If you want a specific skill, just use our dropdown buttons at the top and you’ll see a list of psychics who work with those particular tools.

Explore. Listen to your gut. Choose your psychic ally.

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