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A Seeker of Answers

You are not complacent. You look for answers and solutions to your problems. Yes, you accept what needs to be accepted but also look to change what doesn’t suit you. You are not a snob. You know that valuable information can be found from a variety of resources.
You know that the world and Universe are bigger and more complex than what it appears to be on the surface. You want to explore its mysteries. And are also practical, as you want to apply the answers to your own daily life.
You value the skills, abilities, wisdom, and knowledge of others. You also value these traits in yourself and are discerning about what you absorb and share in your own turn. You usually know what’s the real deal and what is B.S.
You like to hear it like it is. Kindly and with compassion, but straight up.
You listen to your gut and you use your mind.
You are a seeker of a beautiful, meaningful life and a bold explorer of truth in both its all too human shadows and its also human, cleansing light.
Take a deep breath now and exhale … You are MOST Welcome here.


Psychic Portal of the Practical & Magical

We Are …

Also lifetime explorers of truth and wisdom. We have seen and experienced the pain and heartbreak of the world, in our own lives and in those we read for.
We have spent most of our years learning, training, growing our wisdom and our ability to weave the practical magic of the otherworld, into your – and our – everyday lives. We live and breath intuition, magic, a connection with the divine, and a solid understanding of human nature.
We know that psychology and psychic work are not separate and polar opposites but naturally complement each other. Many of us move through both arenas.

We come from all over the world and we bring the wisdom of our land into your reading, while respecting the wisdom of yours.

We are your guides, your wayshowers from upset and trauma – to peace and joy. Most of all, we are your ALLIES, as you bravely go on your quest to move beyond the pat answers, lazy solutions and spiritual and psychological bypass … All the way to full empowerment, healing and release.
We are here bring you psychic relief and solid advice.
We are Anasa Psychics. And we are so happy to meet you.

Great Place to Connect

Connect with Readers. Connect with Source.Connect with each other, in the blog threads and on Social Media!

Heart & Soul Powered

We know that on the other end of the phone are real people like you, who are making deeply important decisions. We never forget that.

Built For Tranquility

‘Anasa’ is the Greek word for breath. This is where you can inhale hope & empowerment … and exhale in relief.


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I help with any situation as long as it’s authentic. I create a safe loving space for my callers.

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Do you want answers in a grounded way? Guides Callers Lovingly Through Difficult Times

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If you just can’t seem to find an answer or solution, let me help – I specialise in difficult situations!

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