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Angel Diamond

Angel Diamond says

Let me help you to find answers, to help you move forward with confidence, to explore options. Allowing the spirit world to help you believe in your intuition more without doubt.

Our Interview with Angel Diamond

When did you first know you had these gifts and what did you do about it?

I knew i was different from an early age. I always had that "knowing" feeling. However, enduring negative conditioning as a child, I never believed in myself, my internal senses. My Grandmother was adorable and gifted and she later taught me to listen inside. To feel or see was real . I never really understood myself until i had my beautiful children, i started using tools... to help clarify my meaning...using tarot, practicing and helping others. It just felt right! My gift became transparent My intuition, confidence was increasing. I recognised i am clairsentient.. This helped me to understand my soul my emotions, my pain, my true intuition around people. It took me a long time to believe in myself... I really thought my mind was going we all i know it was my soul calling to help the universe.

What other kind of work have you done, or currently do, in your life?

I have worked with many organisations, samaratans, Childline, Parents advice line, supporting young people and adults through emotional support. Helping people to feel valued, heard and supported through their journey. . I am currently a counsellor and Reiki practitioner and this completes me! Supporting others to move forward with clarity, love, peace, understanding . After all we are all the same human beings.

Why did you decide to become a psychic reader instead of, or in addition to, your other work?

I feel it is my destiny, i was meant to be a reader . I believe some people speak more freely over the telephone. I also believe in my spirit guides, Angels definitely guided me here. Passing on messages is a beautiful gift. I trust that now with great wisdom. I believe all my work is connected with the spirit world.

What astrology sign are you and how does that help with your readings?

I am a Gemini, a happy, caring, loving compassionate person who multi-tasks lol. Hard going i know lol..This helps me view people and the world differently at all angles. It really does help with my work, my readings, spirit, work and crystals. You see, it is all connected. I do help with problem solving, gentle and honest is my way.. I believe the light in me will show you, the light in you. 🙏😇 I believe we are all connected, it just takes time to recognize within.

Testimonials (3)

Reading Feedback

lovely lady guided / reassured me through a tough time thank you

November 01, 2020 Jane

Reading Feedback

Angel is an amazing reader. I first had a reading with her last year and on reflection, her prediction about timelines did come to pass. I then called her a few days ago. She picked up a situation that made no sense to me, but a few days later, it turned out that she was correct. She comes across as a king and gentle soul and I would recommend her - she's lovely <3

April 19, 2021 Private User

Reading Feedback

This reading was amazing! I have been worried about my relationship and some things that don't add up and I just needed some clear answers. Angel went deep and gave me straight answers. And she gave them to me in a way that was sensitive and supportive so it wasn't a shock to the system. She also gave me context. Sometimes it's not as simple as 'yes he fancies someone else.' Sometimes you need to know why and whether there is danger or not. And you also need to get clear with what to do. Angel gave me all of that and I felt so UNDERSTOOD. I could have stayed on with her for hours. Thankfully you get reward points so it's easy to follow up, which I will do after I deal with these matters. Watch this space!

May 19, 2021 Josephine

Angel Diamond

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Caring, compassionate, and willing to explore your deepest problems together so you can just breathe a sigh of relief by the end of your reading!

Areas I specialise in
  • Love & Relationships
  • Money
  • Loved Ones Who've Passed Away
  • Past Lives
  • Life Purpose & Destiny
  • Work & Career
  • Pets

Loving, Compassionate & Caring.

  • Tarot
  • Goddess Cards & Tools
  • Directly With Spirit - No Tools
  • Angels / Angel Cards
  • Pendulum
  • Numerology

21 Nov - 27 Nov 2021


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