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Meet Christina


Christina says

My gifts are: Magic, Getting to the Core of any Situation, Pure Positive Intuition. I'd love to share them with you to help you where you need it!

Our Interview with Christina

When did you first know you had these gifts and what did you do about it?

“When I was quite young, I often found myself going into a light trance state and having visions of things that would later come to pass – while in Church! The Sacred Space … the connection with Source … all awoke my psychic abilities. I also started having psychic dreams when I was small and I still do. I’ve been having some potent ones for the last 3 nights! Sometimes they are about people who ring me for a reading the next day. I had 9 years of Glastonbury-based training as a Witch and Magical Practitioner. Love and Magic – and Fiercely Protecting our right to live free of malice and harm … are my themes and values. I’ve been using and honing my intuition and my connection to the Goddess/God/Source ever since I can remember. The Source of My Magic is Pure Positive Life Force – and I use it for healing, to inspire a better way of life, and to protect people who need help, among many other positive things.“

What other kind of work have you done, or currently do, in your life?

“I am a multi-passionate woman and my career has reflected that. I’ve been doing readings professionally since 1995 and have pretty much always done them even when I’ve been doing other work. I’ve been a chandler, I was the founder of a media consultancy firm and was based at NASA, I’ve run psychic lines for many years and being a Hypnotherapist/Counsellor … a Mental Health Professional, is also something I have a lot of experience in. Being a psychic reader and a therapist is just ‘there’ if you know what I mean. I know I’ve done more but let’s just say I’ love being an entrepreneur who helps people live a happier and more magical life!”

Why did you decide to become a psychic reader instead of, or in addition to, your other work?

“I decided that a more holistic approach was my direction and I want people to benefit from readers who like myself, have a deep compassion for their callers and a wide and varied skill set to apply that compassion in a practical way . That’s why I started Anasa Psychics – So together we can offer you a deep and useful spiritual experience – and the answers you need of course!”

What astrology sign are you and how does that help with your readings?

“I am an Aquarius with a Taurus Moon. I like innovation and to figure out a creative way through a difficult situation (Aquarius.) And I like it to be practical for my callers (Taurus Moon.)”

Tell us about some of your more memorable readings. Do any stand out?

A long, long time ago, in a town far far away, I was first learning tarot and practicing on friends. I was a night owl as was one of my good friends at the time so of course we thought it was a good idea for me to do a tarot reading for her at that time. I pulled out a card and said 'You'll be getting an unexpected call really soon. Like within hours.' She said 'Are you going to hang up and call me back? laughing her head off. 'No wise guy, not me. Have a little faith till we see!' 'OK, well who is going to ---- me? Part of her sentence cut out and then I heard her gasp. 'You'll never guess, she whispered. 'Never guess what?, said I. 'My call waiting just went off. It's my ex. I'll call you back!' And away she went, while I sat there with a big grin on my face. When she rang me back, she told me it was a most unexpected call as she never expected them to speak again even though she wanted to. She also said 'That was amazing! It's really freaked me out but it's made me believe in readings more. You've got to go out and do this for a living!' This reading gave me a big boost of confidence at the start to take my abilities out into the world. And the rest is history. The force awakened and not even the baddies could stop me from giving helpful readings and new hope where it's been needed. (Thank you for staying with me through all the Star Wars puns :P )

What would you like to say to the person reading this, who is wondering about what is going to happen in their life and if a psychic reading will help them?

I say seek your answers anywhere that seems promising and filter through the information using your own gut. We (psychics) are able to tap into a stream of information that's normally not accessible and we have spent years becoming good at it. Use it. You may get information and a perspective that can change your life. Use it for your own happiness and goals!

Any other thoughts, tidbits, or wisdom you’d like to share?

A good reading is often a dialogue. At least my readings are. Fortune telling is something different, where it was information about 'fate' that was immoveable. Very often if my readings, thoughts and emotions and even answers, come up for my callers. When they share that, they feel empowered which is a beautiful thing! It's not them 'doing the work' like some people have said out of ignorance. What my caller has to say is just as important, because that then allows us to go deeper/higher/more intensely into the reading than we would if it was just a monologue. I know what's important to my caller. We concentrate on that. We get more juice out of the subject. There is more value for my caller because they not only get an idea of what's going to happen, but they also get the information and tools to make sure it happens if they want, or to change it if they don't! This is my style of reading, but there are other ways of doing readings that are just as valid and effective. If this way sounds good to you, then let's do a magical reading together!

Do you want answers and guidance in a grounded way? If so, call Christina for a reading!

Testimonials (6)

Reading Feedback

I loved it!

August 22, 2020 Josephine

Reading Feedback

So accurate, I was gobsmacked!

August 22, 2020 Josephine

Reading Feedback

It was a rocking reading! I loved it!! Totally accurate about my past and I look forward to seeing what the future brings...

August 29, 2020 Diane

Reading Feedback

Very thoughtful and deep reading.

August 29, 2020 Private User


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