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MY NAME IS...Christina

I'm the founder of Anasa Psychics and I want to welcome you to our community!

I've been doing professional psychic readings alongside my other careers for over 20 years. I am passionate about YOU being able to avail of the wisdom and abilities of intuitive readers, delivered in a way that is useful to you right now. That is why I created this site; so you and our psychic readers can connect and you can get top-notch readings.

Anasa - which is the Greek word for BREATH by the way - was born on a balmy day during a meditation by the Mediterranean. Because what we want you to have the most, is that INHALE OF EMPOWERMENT and THAT EXHALE OF RELIEF. The way we do that is by helping you get answers yes, and just as importantly - we help you get clarity about whatever is on your mind.

So grab a cup of coffee or tea or water, relax, choose the psychic that you feel is right for you and sign up for a reading ... and let us lift some of the weight off your shoulders, as we exhale together.

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